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“—but it’s actually a matter of intense debate whether the anglican church actually counts as protestant. sure, it began around the same time as the protestant reformation and was definitely inspired by it, but it isn’t actually descended from the lutheran church the way that, say, the presbyterian church is. furthermore—” —blake

if youve already been to my about page you know im audhd. this means i frequently acquire new interests. the length and intensity of the interest varies between genres of topic—my wikipedia binges are usually a few hours over a few days, while my media hyperfixations can last months. there are a few topics that qualify as special interests due to the exceptional length and intensity of them.

on most topics on this page i am more knowledgable than 99% of the public and less knowledgable than 99% of experts. i cant have a conversation with a normal person on the topic because i assume they know more than they do. i cant have a conversation with an expert because they have to explain everything to me. this is known as the Blake's Razor

the one xkcd where ponytail and cueball are talking and ponytail says "silicate chemistry is second nature to us geochemists, so it's easy to forget that the average person probably only knows the formulas for olivine and one or two feldspars." and cueball says "and quartz, of course" and ponytail says "of course" and the caption says "even when they're trying to compensate for it, experts in anything wildly overestimate the average person's familiarity with their field."

i am the walking embodiment of this xkcd

anyway without further ado here is a very long list of shit im into (comprehensive? exhaustive? perhaps? who knows!)

Special Interests

interests ive had for years at a moderate level of intensity

Media Hyperfixations

movies, games, etc. that i have hyperfixated on as stories and worlds and made ocs/fic plans for

Video Game Hyperfixations

different from media hyperfixations in that ive hyperfixated on them as games and invested hundreds of hours into them, potentially even 100%ing them

Other Random Interests

stuff ive gotten into for like a week or a day or something and still find kinda neat to learn and think about