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Blake's Cool Website

“you.....really wanna know about me......?” —blake

ok well youve clicked on my about me page havent you. and buddy if its information about me you want... heh... youre gonna get it

  • older than 21 and younger than 40
  • bisexual, genderfluid, polyamorous
  • a horny furry monsterfucker
  • AuDHD
  • writer, artist, pianist, gamer
  • just a sad bitter hater
  • someone who pretends to be into things to look smart
  • a man (usually), a woman (most of the time), a muppet (DAMN i wish though)
  • someone who strongly self-identifies with fandom or has an easy time interacting in those spaces

i use he/him and she/her pronouns, with the occasional it/its for flavor. if you use they/them for me i wont be mad but its not my preference. you can use any gendered terms for me especially if its funny. gender neutral terms are a case by case kinda thang